Sealer for a wooden house, sealants for wood, wooden house

Sealant derevaPochemu so important to choose the right sealer for a wooden house? The construction of modern houses made of wood involves the elimination of gaps between the timbers and a log at the time of assembly. Paving the special roll compactor, we prevent the formation of cracks during construction and during installation. To eliminate the gaps already built a wooden house is usually used konopatki. In the gap would shrink tow and protects the home from drafts and moisture. Oakum and roller compactors made from vegetable ingredients and contain basically cellulose fiber. They provide protection from drafts and rain, but could not protect the house from moisture. Over time, due to the slow evaporation of moisture from the wood structure, the beams in the wall of the house sit together and form a gap that causes the loss of home heat and to increase energy consumption for heating. Cracks contribute to the accumulation of moisture between the logs, and increase the likelihood of putrid entities may become an area of?? penetration and the growth of harmful insects and drevotochtsev. Mnogie homeowners use or order the silicone sealant for sealing large cracks mezhventsovyh. In most cases, the likelihood that it will not work, is quite large. This is due to the fact that silicone sealants have a poor adhesion to porous surfaces. Sometimes it’s even worse than not doing anything, because the moisture penetrating into the place where the sealant is not picked up a tree, little will evaporate (as silicon vapor tight). This, in turn, will serve as a catalyst for the process of rotting logs, and reproduction in it nasekomyh. Reshit complete sealing of the question was, using modern technology to produce a sealant. What should be the ideal sealer for a wooden house? To sealant is best suited for sealing of joints in the wooden house, he must have a certain set of characteristics. First, the sealant must be resistant to atmospheric precipitation. Secondly, the sealant should be an excellent adhesion to wood. Third, the sealer for a wooden house should continue to perform its functions in the shrinkage of wooden structure and its thermal expansion-szhatii.Na far the best choice is the sealant based on acrylic latex combined with silicone. They are called siliconized acrylics. These sealants have vyokoy adhesion to wood, water vapor permeability (breathing), but at the same time effectively resist moisture, high and low temperatures, UV radiation, without losing its properties for many years. The developers of a new sealant applied acrylic base and created a unique in its characteristics polymer sealant. The new polymer sealant has excellent adhesion to wood, resistant to moisture and has one important advantage over previous generations of sealants – elasticity. In the past, were putty and putty, which cracked during the shrinkage of the house. The new sealant remains flexible throughout its service life. Therefore, we have does not matter how long it will be the shrinkage of wooden buildings, because the polymer sealant to compensate for movement of wooden house construction and not allow the emergence of scheley. Krome shrink from a wooden house is the property to expand and contract in heat during the cold season. House continues to “stir sticks in” for the duration of its operation. Therefore, the elasticity of the sealant for a wooden house, which he does not lose time, very handy. Time does not change the color and properties of the sealant. The saturation of color and brightness do not change under the influence of solar ultraviolet spectrum sveta. Novy sealer for a wooden house has another feature – it protects the joints from penetration of pests. Wood exposed to the destruction of microorganisms, fungi, algae. The polymer adhesive is not affected by the destruction of microorganisms and does not allow the reproduction of pests on their surface when drevesiny. Sovety germetizatsiiVo First, you must select the sealant designed for sealing and sealing of wooden houses (log and wooden structures). The logs must be cleaned of dirt and grease. One important consideration is the use of foam insulation inside clearance. This heater carries a number of functions: serves as a filler, which reduces the flow of sealant and as a thermal insulator. But the most important function of the material, this barrier sealant adhesion by three points, providing only the adhesion to the adjacent edges of the timber, but not their inner surface. The sealant does not stick to the foam insulation, which will allow it to operate like a rubber band stretched between two points. Without this insulation and sealant stick to the inside surface of the timber and the closure of the area inside the gap. This is called adhesion by three points. In this case, the deformation of the sealant can log off from one of poverhnostey. Chto need to do if the logs are old, uneven and cracked? First, the timber should be cleaned. If you know what a topcoat is used, you should consult with the manufacturer about the compatibility of the sealant material. Most of the finishes compatible with acrylic sealants. If the topcoat is unknown brand, you can check the compatibility in a small area or to clean the logs from the old coating, re-etch the boron compounds and promorit. When you are ready, you can begin to apply the sealant using foam insulation, where possible. If some of the gaps are too small for the application of foam insulation, then it should apply the sealant, but with the expectation of future shrinkage and not try to seal the gap at all depths. For aesthetic appearance of seams, use masking tape or masking tape on the edges of gaps. After shaping and smoothing the seam tape are removed. Most acrylic sealant can be painted after drying.

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